Whether you are a beginner, a recreational club player, or aspiring to be college or professional player, we deliver programs in RECREATION and COMPETITION streams.

With a year-long calendar of events and tournaments, our junior students have opportunities to set goals and gain match-play experience by participating regularly at their right-level competition.
Our kids group classes cater to;
  • Children from 3 to 17yrs old.
  • 4 levels of progression within each age group.
  • 2 terms of weekly/twice-weekly 15-week group classes, incorporating fundamental movement skills with technical tennis skills.
  • Different colored wrist bands for progression to each level of programs.
  • Skill-testing with set benchmarks for technical and physical proficiency, video-reviews and report cards.

Hot Shots

For players aged 9 – 12 years, who are able to rally from ¾ to full court with basic technical ability of all strokes. This program focuses on improving speed and reaction, developing power and strength, while acquiring sound technical skills. Hot Shots are introduced to aspects of tennis etiquette and rules during point play.

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Advanced Aces

For players aged 13 – 17 years, who have the ability to rally and serve with consistency in match play, understand tactical play, rules and etiquette. With regular point play, Advanced Aces learn more about tactical situations where the player’s technique is further refined.

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