If you're a beginner, a recreational level player looking to improve your game and meet new friends, or aspiring for competitive levels, we have structured progressive programs to achieve your goals.


I. Level 1

You can execute all the strokes, but can't handle the different spins and speeds yet. You are able to serve and rally with sufficient control. You can rally up to 6+ balls with players of similar level. You can play singles or doubles points with the guidance of the coach.

I. Level 2

You can rally with good control and accuracy (cross-court, down the line). You can produce spin intentionally, serve, volley effectively, and play points autonomously in singles and doubles match play.

I. Level 3

You can rally consistently with a variety of spins and generate your own pace. You have good movement, tactical awareness, court craft and positioning, and can compete competently in singles or doubles with good intensity.