If you're a beginner, a recreational level player looking to improve your game and meet new friends, or aspiring for competitive levels, we have structured progressive programs to achieve your goals.


B. Level 0

You are brand new to tennis. In 3 sessions of BIT, you will learn the basic techniques and fundamentals of tennis. You will be introduced to rules, scoring and etiquette of the game, before moving on to the Beginners L1 for the next phase of technical learning.

B. Level 1

You have learnt and understood the basic fundamentals of tennis techniques, and are able to make contact consistently from coach feeding.

B. Level 2

You can now execute the basic techniques, and progressing to improve technically and tactically. You can now rally 4-6 balls with the coach from 3/4 court, but not from the baseline yet. You may not be able to execute the full-serving motion yet.

B. Level 3

You can rally at least 6 balls with the coach from the baseline. But not yet ready to play with another player of a similar level. You can serve and return occasionally but not with consistency. Technically, you are still developing all the strokes (forehand, backhand, volley, and serve).