Padel Tennis

What is Padel Tennis?

Padel Tennis originated in Mexico, fast gained popularity in Spain and across Europe, and is now taking the Middle East by storm! Padel is played with a palas and a padel ball in an enclosed modified court, smaller than a tennis court, with the back wall also used as a playing surface. Usually played with 4 players, it is faster than tennis – but it is easy to learn, very social and technically less demanding than squash and tennis.

Tennis 360 boasts one padel court and a specialized padel tennis coach – we offer private, semi-private and group padel lessons, as well as court rental.

Padel Tennis at Tennis 360

Tennis 360 has a padel court at our headquarters – Meydan Tennis Academy – as well as our specialist padel tennis coach, Fredy.
You can book private or semi-private lessons with Fredy, to learn the basics or improve your game with full personal attention dedicated to your progress. Fredy also runs sessions for groups of 3-4 players for those looking to learn with their friends.

Alternatively, you can simply book our padel court, get your friends together and enjoy a relaxed game at your own leisure!

Please see our rates below.

For 60 min sessions Non-member (per player) Member (per player) Non-member - pack of 10(per player) Member – pack of 10(per player)
Private (1 person) AED 300 AED 275 AED 2,800 AED 2,500
Semi-private (2 people) AED 200 AED 180 AED 1,900 AED 1,700
Group of 3 AED 150 AED 140 AED 1,400 AED 1,300
Group of 4 AED 140 AED 130 AED 1,300 AED 1,200
Court rental AED 75 AED 65 AED 650 AED 550